Weddings with Pride Wedding Survey Reveals Continued Need for LGBTQ-Friendly Wedding Vendors

November 28, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

From September 2015 through September 2016, Weddings with Pride conducted an extensive survey of Virginia and North Carolina same-sex couples planning a wedding with some surprising results.

The year-long survey was conducted online and in person at half a dozen regional Pride celebrations from Raleigh to Richmond.

“Our goal was to gain an understanding of the unique wedding planning desires and needs of same-sex couples in our red and purplish states,” said Eric Hause, President of Weddings with Pride. “We always felt that those needs are different from those in California or New York, and our survey proved the point.”

The survey of nearly 900 respondents found that a vast majority of them want to work with wedding pros whom they can identity as supportive of marriage equality simply by looking at their marketing before making a call. Couples also prefer to meet vendors in person or at a wedding expo after doing their own research.

The legalization of marriage equality has also resulted a majority of couples surveyed more likely to get married, although many are taking up to two years to plan their wedding.

“The results support what we have found in talking to same-sex couples who attend our wedding expos and we meet at Pride celebrations,” said Hause. “While they’re excited by the prospect of being able to legally marry, the daunting wedding-planning process combined with the specter of religious objection laws has many gay couples approaching the process with a degree of wariness.”

Here are the full survey results:

September 15, 2015 through September 27, 2016
Respondents: 896
Gender ID:
Female 80.00%
Male 15.83%
Transgender 3.33%
Questioning 1.67%
Age groups:
18-25 33.33%
26-35 31.67%
36-45 19.17%
46-55 9.17%
56+ 3.33%
Marital Status:
Engaged 39.83%
Relationship 28.81%
Married 18.64%
Single 12.71%
How has the legalization of same-sex marriage changed your personal attitude about getting married?
More likely to get married 68.47%
No change in my attitude 31.53%
If you are planning to get married, how far into the future is your wedding date?
No set date 36.61%
7-18 months 33.04%
1-6 months 31.25%
More than 18 months 18.75%
What is/was your approximate wedding budget?
$5,000 to $12,000 36.84%
Less than $5,000 31.58%
We don’t have a budget 10.53%
$12,000 to $20,000 6.14%
Greater than $20,000 6.14%
How will/did you pay of your wedding?
Ourselves 61.61%
Combination of both 35.71%
Family or friends 2.68%
What resources would/did you utilize to plan your wedding?
Wedding magazine/web site 52.78%
Wedding expo 49.07%
Word of mouth vendor referrals 38.89%
Couples counseling 25.00%
Educational workshops (budgeting, planning, DIY) 25.00%
Use of LGBT inclusive language and images in their marketing (online, brochures, etc.)
Very important 69.23%
Somewhat important 23.93%
Not important at all 3.42%
Not very important 3.42%
Gay-owned or gay-operated
Very important 45.30%
Somewhat important 32.48%
Not very important 13.68%
Not important at all 8.55%