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Congratulations, you’re engaged!

It’s a miracle to find your soul mate in this busy, crazy world — and one definitely worth celebrating! 

Now comes the next step: planning your wedding. This is a stressful time for any engaged couple and can be even harder for same-sex couples.Even though same-sex marriage is legal in Virginia, it may be difficult to locate wedding professionals who fully embrace the idea. In fact, we’ve all read the recent stories of wedding vendors who have refused to work with same-sex couples. Unfortunately, discrimination still exists.

This is where Weddings with Pride comes in! We have carefully vetted each and every wedding professional listed on our web site to ensure that they: 

  • have no moral or religious objection to same-sex unions
  • are willing to work with same-sex couples seeking to create new wedding traditions
  • support marriage equality
  • ideally have practical experience with same-sex weddings

On a personal note, I am gay, I am from North Carolina, I now live in Virginia, and my spouse and I are in the process of planning our own wedding. Professionally, I have over two decades of experience working with Virginia and North Carolina wedding vendors from the mountains to the coast. As the publisher of four regional destination wedding magazines, I know most of the ones listed on our web site personally. You can rest assured that by connecting with a Weddings with Pride professional, that I personally guarantee that you will not only recieve top-notch service, but the respect you and your spouse deserve along with a sharing in the joy of your wedding day.

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Congratulations, and best wishes!

Eric Hause, Publisher